About the Journal

The Journal of Engineering and Management is conceived of as an open-access interdisciplinary journal publishing theoretical and empirically-based peer-reviewed papers.

The goal is to provide insight into the research in the fields of engineering (industrial engineering, power-energy engineering) and industrial management: to report on the advancements in engineering science and challenges in engineering development, as well as to encourage engineering innovations thus contributing to the well-being and future development of society.

The Journal is committed to covering a wide spectrum of subfields in engineering science. Still, its main interest lies in publishing articles on the research in technics including mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, power-energy engineering, and industrial management.

The Journal places specific focus on the following themes:

  • Machine Materials;
  • Production Technologies;
  • Production Systems;
  • Maintenance of the Production Systems;
  • Product Development;
  • Measurement and Quality;
  • Information Systems in Engineering;
  • Fossil Energy;
  • Renewable Energy Sources;
  • Environmental Issues;
  • Energy Systems;
  • Energy System Planning and Policies;
  • Energy Sustainability;
  • Energy Management and Energy Efficiency;
  • Unconventional Energy Sources;
  • Organization and Human Resource Management;
  • Industrial Management;
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation;
  • Project Management;
  • Industrial Marketing;
  • Engineering Economics.


Journal of engineering and management (JEM) is an open access journal. Full texts of all articles published in the journal can be read and downloaded without any form of restriction.


The journal operates a double-blind review policy.


Refereed papers will be published twice a year, in June and December.


By the decision of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska, no. 07.06/053-151/22-2 dated 04/04/2022, the journal „Journal of engineering and management“ is registered in the Registry of publications under the record number of 702.